bigstock-Under-Construction-424086So you thought keeping up with all the changes for your cover images on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ was exhausting? I know we do.

According to Mashable’s Samantha Kelly, Twitter is now in limited beta testing on a new profile design that looks very much like the current Facebook timeline and Google+ layouts.

The design of your Tweet stream is now, like the other social networks, going to become a lot more visually-oriented and dependent on photos and thumbnails pulled in from Twitter cards. I’ll pause now so that the wordsmiths among us, including myself, can share a collective groan. The world is becoming a giant collection of pictograms instead of a library. We have to deal with it. read more

bigstock-Young-Woman-inside-of-a-tight--51765310_opt-webFact: Online media has become increasingly image-dependent.

Fact: Using images in your online publishing gives your ideas more credibility.

Fact: Using images at the wrong sizes, without optimizing them for the web, can drag down performance of your website, with negative usability and SEO consequences.


Now that you know where to find high quality images without stealing them, it’s time to learn how to properly crop and size them for the best balance between appearance and speed.

But I don’t know HOW to use Photoshop!

No worries, non-designy readers. read more

bigstock-Fingerprint-In-Vector-2663518For years, we’ve been quietly creating print designs that coordinate with our clients’ website branding, usually upon request. We love to do this and see a whole “plan” come together.

Especially if you’re starting a new business or re-branding your practice, it’s an extra boost to help you make things look fresh and new all across the board.

In addition to logo design, we also design: read more