Who We Are

Since 2008, we’ve been helping law firms, businesses, consultants and professionals tell their stories on the Web.

We don’t have a sales force on the ground with briefcases full of glossy brochures and intimidating technospeak – instead, we focus on building long-term partnerships, and our loyal clients love to tell their colleagues about us – that is, the ones who don’t try to keep us a secret for fear we’ll get hired by the competition!

We’re the agency that doesn’t disappear once the job is done – and we will never charge you money for anything you can’t see or understand.

We could try to act all corporate and serious in our attempt to establish some credibility…or we could just cut through the garbage and tell you who you’re actually dealing with.

The two of us co-captain this here Rowboat, and we’re backed by an amazing crew of loyal geniuses.

Cynthia LaLuna, Creative Director

Cynthia LaLuna is an absolute freak about marketing and design who can’t buy groceries without analyzing the endcap arrangements.

As founder and Creative Director at Rowboat Media, Cynthia orchestrates the process of designing, developing, marketing and maintaining online presences for businesses and law firms all over North America. She has been a featured speaker at web industry conferences and legal marketing workshops.

A former technical writer and corporate communications director, Cynthia has over 20 years experience translating geekspeak for actual humans. Whatever your industry, she can talk the talk and crawl inside the prospect’s head.

If you’re looking for a mobile responsive, scalable WordPress website that gives you that refreshing sense of control over your business’s online marketing, talk to Cynthia. She’ll make it happen.

Deborah Wolfe, Senior Designer

Rowboat Media Senior Designer Deborah WolfeDeborah Wolfe is Rowboat Media’s secret weapon of the artistic variety, and chief designer of all things aesthetic.

She’s got over 20 years experience as a visual artist in various physical and electronic media, and she’s guaranteed to amaze you with her vision, respect for negative space, and general fabulousness.

While other crew members take your functional requirements and create “bone structure,” Deborah dresses it all up, rigs the sails, and creates an unique identity for your online presence that makes that bone structure sing.

If you want to admire Deborah’s artistic vision in practical application, wander around a bit in the portfolio section of our website. Then tell us what floats your rowboat.

Oh, and that synergy thing – both Cynthia and Deborah have an affinity for sharp, clean graphic design. Lots of looking over the shoulder and making unsolicited suggestions goes on around here. The end result is worth the tantrums.

Our crew:

We are so fortunate to work with an extremely talented crew who help us keep this whole thing afloat. Thanks to their dedication, we can offer you the best in:

  • Mobile responsive WordPress website design
  • Mobile responsive WordPress website development
  • SEO copywriting and content marketing
  • Logo Design
  • Business card design
  • Letterhead and mailing piece design

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